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Fri-Sat-Sun, Sunrise to 3pm

    All vendors who sell more than two (2) times per year must have a current and valid sellers permit from the State Board of Equalization. The original copy of the license must be kept and displayed at the space when selling. In the event that a resale license is canceled or revoked by the State Board of Equalization, the vendor will be refused admission until clearance is received from the State.

    You can apply for a Sellers Permit through online registration at the Board of Equalization website or you may apply in person at your local BOE office.

    All vendors are to be set up and open for business throughout the day. All vendors must enter between the hours of 5:00am and 8:00am. Vendors must obtain approval and escort from Swap Meet personnel if they wish to leave the sales area with their vehicle before 12pm. 

    Only one vehicle for each space issued may enter the Swap Meet and the driver of the vehicle must possess a valid driver’s license. The maximum speed limit inside the Swap Meet is 5 MPH and pedestrians will always have the right of way. Vendors must exercise extreme caution when driving inside the Swap Meet as there may be many pedestrians present.

    All Vendors are required to carry Automobile Insurance for each and every vehicle being driven on Swap Meet property.  Vendors found operating a vehicle on Swap Meet property without the required insurance coverage will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from the Swap Meet.

    All tarps, displays, merchandise, containers, packaging, vehicles, and sales activity must stay with the painted boundary lines of the space.  All tarps and displays must be secured to prevent lifting during high winds.

    All vendors are required to keep their selling area clean and free of debris at all times.  At the end of each day, the space must be left clean by the vendor and all trash and debris are to be taken with them or placed in approved trash containers.  Vendors who leave their space dirty or litter the vicinity will be assessed a $10 clean-up charge for the first violation.  Subsequent violations may result in the revocation of all selling privileges.

    Items prohibited to be sold or displayed include, but are not limited to:
    1. Alcoholic beverages
    2. Stolen items
    3. Edible items other than those being sold by management approved vendors (see “OTHER VENDOR PERMITS” section, above)
    4. Aerosol paints
    5. Counterfeit items
    6. Items which constitute patent, trademark, or copyright infringement
    7. Weapons, firearms, ammunition, ordinance, fireworks, explosives, and flammable items
    8. Pharmaceuticals, drug paraphernalia, or items displaying or advertising drugs
    9. Pornography or items depicting full or partial nudity
    10. Items that promote or display vulgar language
    11. Live animals or pets INCLUDING PUPPIES, KITTENS, CATS AND DOGS
    12. Any item in violation of any local, state or federal laws

    All music and noise generating from a space must be kept at a low enough volume so as not to disturb neighboring vendors.  Music with vulgar or offensive language is strictly prohibited.  The use of yelling, screaming, bullhorns, or public address (P.A.) systems to attract customers is not allowed at any time. 

    Upon purchase of a space or reservation, the vendor assumes all liability resulting from any incident evolving from, or caused by them, their employees, their merchandise or displays, their vehicle, or any other item within their control or possession. The vendor further agrees that they must fully indemnify the Sunnyside Swap Meet from any claim resulting from any such incident. Therefore, it is required that all vendors driving onto the Swap Meet property must have valid automobile insurance as required by law and we recommend that each vendor obtain a general liability insurance policy for protection against such claims.

    The Sunnyside Swap Meet reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Vendors may face space and reservation cancellation, suspension or permanent expulsion from the Swap Meet for one or more of the following reasons:
    1. Violation of the Rules and Regulations.
    2. Revocation or cancellation of State Board of Equalization Sellers Permit
    3. Nonpayment of reservation fees
    4. Violation of any local, state, or federal law
    5. Failure to adhere to any lawful request made by management, security, or staff from enforcement agencies

    Vendors wishing to bring in their own meals may do so if it is in their vehicle when they enter through the vendor entry gate in the morning.  Sunnyside Swap Meet does not allow the use of any type of cooking equipment (stoves, barbeques, hot plates, etc.) inside the vendor space.

The Rules and Regulations listed above are designed to provide a safe and fair operation for all involved.  In addition to the Rules and Regulations, there are policies concerning space acquisition and operation.  Vendors with questions on these matters are encouraged to consult with management.

The Sunnyside Swap Meet fully supports the efforts of Law Enforcement agencies to prevent sale of stolen property, counterfeit recordings or name brand infringing items at the swap meet and will report any suspicious items or activity immediately.

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and skates may not be ridden on the Swap Meet grounds.

Operating rules, policies, procedures, and prices are subject to change with or without notice.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain a current copy of these rules and regulations.