5440 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93727 (map)
559.485.SWAP (7927)

We've Reopened! 
Fri-Sat-Sun, Sunrise to 3pm

Spaces to sell at the Sunnyside Swap Meet are very reasonably priced - it's only $15 on Friday, $20 on Saturday, and $25 on Sunday.

  • All spaces are the same price, we don't charge extra for "corners" or preferred spots.

  • Seller gates open at 5:00am and all unreserved spaces are "first come, first serve".

  • Reservations are available starting at $15 per month and can be made onsite during regular swap meet hours.

  • Average space size is 20' x 25' so most sellers only need one space to fit their vehicle and their items for sale.