5440 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93727 (map)
559.485.SWAP (7927)

We've Reopened! 
Fri-Sat-Sun, Sunrise to 3pm

Back in the 1960's, drive-in movies were all the rage and popping up in small towns across the nation. In 1962, the Sunnyside Drive-in was built at Clovis and Olive Ave here in Fresno and was billed as one of the greatest outdoor movie theaters in the world. As time went on, theater owners found a secondary use for their properties using them to hold  "Flea Markets" during the day.  Starting in the early 1970's,  people would fill the theater on the weekends selling a wide variety of things they no longer needed or used. It was a perfect way to make a few extra bucks or to find great deals on things you wanted to buy.  The swap meet closed in the 1990's and there's been nothing like it since. Our mission is to bring back the Sunnyside Swap Meet like it was; a clean, family-friendly outdoor marketplace where folks come to buy, sell and swap!